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About Us

We are a Full service finishing, and remodeling general contractor firm

Specializing in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning.

ORO CONSTRUCTION, co-founded by Carlos Cortes and Steven Shayet, who are committed to bringing a high-end experience to our customers is a renovated brand driven by its customer-focus approach.

With the experience acquired since 2004 and their know-how, we were able to open a broader spectrum, delivering the highest quality and service. Now, ORO CONSTRUCTION will be expanding into new construction, with the purpose of offering a variety of services meeting all needs in the construction segment.

Our goal is to join our customers from the initial stage to the completion of the project while honoring all the necessary steps. With financial discipline and quality execution, timely project, a solid project design alongside the appropriate and balanced architectural and MEP planning, and qualified site managers that will link the vision of the interior designer and the project, all by providing an ideal product and best value.

We as Oro Construction value our customer assets becoming our own interest to deliver the highest standards.


Steven Shayet, Founder, Managing Partner Oro Construction

Steven Shayet

Steven plays a strategic role in all phases of the new and renovated company encouraging all team members to be customer focus and bring a value proposition to our clients. Steven served as General Manager in a previous role that will bring his know-how in serving high-end customers with real estate properties that are increasing value. He has invested over three years in understanding the South Florida market in a multi-sector U.S. real estate with his remodeling firm, where he leveraged the fundamental approach of assessing the value of real estate assets. He holds an M.B.A from the University of Miami.

Carlos Cortes, Oro Construction

Carlos Cortes

Carlos plays a key role since he has developed the firm into a high-end experience, meeting construction standards, and customer focus. With his know-how as a GC since 2004 and in the construction segment since 1993, ORO CONSTRUCTION will offer construction management that will assure our clients an efficient project. With more than 16 years of experience in managing construction sites in South Florida, and surpassing three hundred remodeling projects in the Greater Miami Area. Carlos currently has his GC license and continues with active engagement with the Florida construction holding a certificate from Green Building Institute of LEED Accredited Professional a B. S in Civil engineering from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia and, a Master degree in Government Public Affairs from Columbia University N.Y.

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