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Elevate Your Living Spaces with Oro Construction


Welcome to Oro Construction – Your Premier Interior Construction and Home Remodeling Company, where luxury living meets impeccable craftsmanship.

As a leading interior construction and home remodeling company, we specialize in transforming houses into elegant, personalized havens. With a team of skilled artisans, experienced project managers, and a commitment to seamless processes, Oro Construction is your ultimate choice for creating the home of your dreams.

Transforming Your Living Spaces:

At Oro Construction, we understand that your living spaces should reflect your unique style and personality. With our expert interior construction services, we lay the foundation for your home transformation. Our licensed team ensures every step adheres to the highest standards, delivering a solid framework to build upon.

Personalized Home Remodeling:

Your home should grow with you, and our home remodeling services is designed to do just that. Our design team collaborates closely with you to capture your vision and bring it to life within your budget and timing. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel that enhances culinary creativity, a bathroom sanctuary that pampers, or a complete whole-home remodeling that revitalizes your property, Oro Construction tailors each project to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Seamless Remodeling Process:

Remodeling your home shouldn’t be a daunting task. At Oro Construction, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless process that simplifies every aspect of your project. Our talented team of professionals manages each stage efficiently, from MEP design and general contracting to budgeting and execution. With Oro Construction at the helm, you can relax and watch your dream home take shape without the stress and hassles.

Experience the Oro Construction Advantage:

  1. Licensing: With proper licensing and adherence to regulations, Oro Construction ensures your project is compliant with all legal requirements. Our commitment to excellence extends to maintaining the necessary certifications to guarantee a seamless remodeling process.
  2. MEP Design: Our team of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) specialists ensures that your interior construction and remodeling projects are backed by efficient systems that enhance your home’s functionality and comfort.
  3. General Contractor: As a full-service general contractor, Oro Construction brings expertise and organization to every project. We oversee all aspects of the remodel, ensuring a cohesive and well-coordinated process.
  4. Amazing Design Team: Our skilled design team possesses an eye for detail and a passion for creating captivating spaces. They work closely with you to understand your preferences and integrate them seamlessly into the design plan.
  5. Proficient Budgeting: We understand the importance of sticking to a budget. Oro Construction’s experienced project managers meticulously plan and monitor expenses, ensuring that your project stays within your financial constraints without compromising quality.

Experience the art of transformation with Oro Construction, your premier interior construction and home remodeling company. With a dedicated team of experts, a seamless process, and personalized service, we turn houses into exquisite havens that embody your lifestyle and preferences. Elevate your living spaces today by partnering with Oro Construction and witness the magic of luxury living unfold before your eyes.


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